Extrasport Striper PFD Review


I’ve had this video review for a while, and just never got around to editing and uploading it.

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Are you a fisherman first and a Kayaker second?

What kind of prep work do you do to allow yourself to be a better kayaker to become a better fisherman?  I know most that will read this are fisherman first and a Kayaker second and simply as a means to get on the water.  While there is nothing wrong with that, it’s also important to make sure you are a reasonably capable kayaker. If you poll any amount of kayak anglers they will say they feel they are capable paddlers, and while some may be correct a lot are not.  I’ve read a lot of articles on how folks have been in danger, and a lot of that could be avoidable if their kayaking skillset was at a higher level.  By adding some different strokes to your paddling repertoire you will enable yourself to control your kayak better.  You can probably find a local paddling club that can help you with your kayaking skills.  You could also have bad habits that a qualified instructor can help you with to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment.  I see a lot of kayak anglers with bad form and at the end of the day they are sore or tired simply because they aren’t efficient with their technique.  This small investment will allow you to enjoy your day more on the water, and also enable you to move around quicker.  That information can also be used to help new kayak anglers with their transition into the sport we all love so much.

Make sure you have your boat properly set up so you aren’t compromising your position and increasing your chances of tipping.  Some simple stretches before you go out will help you loosen up and allow you maneuver a bit better.  With that said, make sure you know how to self-rescue.  This needs to be practiced at the bare-minimum annually and preferably on a more frequent basis.  Learn to flip your boat over so when you flip by surprise it won’t make you panic.  Learn where the tipping point is on your boat. Practice paddle moves that will stop you, or at lease reduced your chances of tipping.  Please ensure you also dress for the water temperature vs the air temperature.

This post isn’t meant to tell you what to do or be preachy. I’d love to see more individuals out on the water and enjoying themselves.

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Carlisle Predator Angler Paddle Review

This is a quick and short review on the Carlisle Predator Angler Paddle. This is a fantastic paddle for the Money, and a very sound investment for anyone looking for a lighter, rugged paddle that will last years.

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A solo canal trip in the Ultra 4.7

June 7th, I spent the afternoon trying to escape the high winds of the open water on the lake and concentrated on fishing a canal. The current was stronger than it appeared but I did manage to find a few smallmouth and chain pickerel. Only 8 weeks since ice out, the water remains cold. That will change as the days grow longer. I fished with Imperium soft plastics (which rock!) and when possible wet a fly.
Enjoy the vid!

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Jackson Kayak Kraken Review


This is an initial overview of the New Jim Sammons signature series, Jackson Kayaks Kraken Sit on top fishing Kayak.

In detail we go through the features of the boat, pointing out the great options this boat comes with.  Thank you for viewing, and we hope you subscribe to our channel for new videos and reviews.

Kayak fishing has taken off in the last few years, and as you can see from the developments in kayak design more and more features are being added to boats right off the assembly line. The Jackson Kayak Kraken is a perfect example of a boat you can fish with right out of the gate with no modifications at all.

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First trip of 2015

May 1st weekend was our first group trip of the season. We camped out on a great lake and part of the Meteghan River complex. Waters were high and cold but we managed to catch plenty of pre-spawn smallmouth bass and post-spawn chain pickerel. We used fly and spinning gear to accomplish the task.
Enjoy the vid!

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Kayak Fishing Week 2014 video


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Stability test: Wilderness Systems Ride 115 Jones Lake BC

Finally got out and tested the wilderness systems 115 and man does it perform on the water. I think I will let this video speak for its self.

“Tight lines and wet yaks”

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The Milk Crate Mod That Changes The Game!

Milk Crate Mod with Scotty

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Jackson Elite Seat on Older Hobie Outback Kayak

DSC_0685 jpg

It seems all of the major kayak manufacturers have moved to the stadium style seating on a number of the new fishing kayaks. Hobie is no different, bringing the Hobie Vantage seat to the 2015 Outback. I’ve seen guys sitting comfortably in their new kayaks, and I’m pretty envious of all the new raised seating options, but I’m in no position to buy a new kayak, especially not at the prices of the new Outback.

DSC_0683 jpg

I personally have a 2006 Hobie Outback, which has a smaller tank well than the 2007 and newer models. As such, the Browning Turkey Hunting Chair mod found on a number of forums does not work on this hull, the legs do not fit into the tank well causing the seat to be unsupported in the back, and the seat too high to be useful. Extensive modification of the chair legs would be required to make this modification work.

A better option for the older Hobie Outback is the Jackson Elite Seat, which fits right into the 2006 Hobie Outback with no modifications required other than some installation straps. The straps I used were taken from a dog harness I purchased at the dollar store which kept costs way down. The seat fits into the hull with no rubbing or odd pressure points, the majority of the weight is carried in two small channels behind the existing seat mold, perfectly sized and spaced for the 1″ tube frame of the Jackson seat. The back of the seat contacts very lightly on the edges of the tank well, and the front legs fit in between the sides of the seat area in front.

 DSC_0693 (2)

In the rear 2 straps were attached to the frame of the seat back using clips and webbing from the harness, with standard metal clips to attach to existing points in the rear of the Outback. The clips did have to be sewed into the webbing.

DSC_0695 (2)

In the front the Elite seat comes with a plastic clip suitable for 1″ webbing. The kayak has a small plastic hook installed in the middle of the seat area that I took off, and reinstalled with a piece of 1″ strap underneath. Now to install the seat the two slips are attached in the back, and the front strap is looped through the plastic clip on the seat and tightened down.

 DSC_0703 (2)

I added some pipe insulation around the seat legs to help prevent wearing on the kayak or the seat and to keep it tight on the front legs within the molded Outback seat.

DSC_0688 (2)

Total added height to the seat is about 5″, which appears to be lower than the current Hobie Outback, and is well within a safe level for the a kayak this stable.

Spring is coming, and I’m looking forward to me new higher, more comfortable seat to chase those early season smallies.

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